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May 21st. Anniversary of the Union of the Ionian Islands with Greece - events.

Late July. Jazz Festival.

July 31st. "Tsi Malliaris" (the hairy one). One of the local customs is this of“hairy”, a stone that brings good luck for a whole year. When the day changes and August 1st comes, bells are ringingto show that Lent is coming, showing to Zakynthians that it’s time to take off their shoes, roll up their trousers and go into the sea, "to catch the hairy one", a stone covered in seaweed. Theyraise it like a trophy, take it back home and place it under the bed to bring them good luck throughout the year. In recent years, this night is organized as a celebration, with barcarolle and zakynthian serenades. At the same time the Blessing for the 1st of the month takes place as well...

August 15th. Celebration of the Virgin Mary, whose name is given to most churches on the island.

August 24th. Celebration of St. Dionysios, the Patron of the island - Procession.